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 175 ManagerFunctionalityBug ReportCritical Export functionality broken in 4.2 Closed
Task Description

Today, I downloaded the new released version to conduct tests before using it. When I use either the "Tools->export" entry or the "export" button the interface freezes.
I am obliged to kill the app to exit.

 174 ManagerFunctionalityBug ReportHigh Faulty CSV export of memo fields containing LF characte ...Closed
Task Description

I used the new memo field. It's a really good thing.

During input it is possible to add a new line using CTRL+ENTER. It's a nice feature. But, when I export the data in CSV, the hard return introduced are not removed and line break occurs in the output file. The file cannot be imported in our statistic tools.

This occurs in the
Not reproduced in 4.2 because export is actually broken in 4.2

173EntryClientOtherBug ReportMediumFocus transferred to the next field before the field is...Assigned
Task Description

Identified in version and below

I have a field defined with only one digit in the "decimal" part and three digit in the "length" part.

In the epidata entry client, when the user enter "123," a zero is automatically added when "," is entered and the focus is transferred to the next field.

This only occurs when the total number of characters entered by the user is equal to "length"+"decimal" and only for fields with one decimal.

If the user enter "1,2" it's ok.
It's quite disturbing for our users.

 172 ManagerFunctionalityBug ReportLow Access violation occurs when adding a label to an upper ...Closed
Task Description

Version and below

How to reproduce:
Create a project
Add an uppercase field.
Use the "New" button in the "Basic" tab of properties, then the crash occurs (Access violation)

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