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148ManagerDrag & DropBug ReportLowTime field in EpiData ManagerWaiting on Feedback
Task Description

EpiData Manager
Program Version: r1115
Core version: r1126
FPC Version: 2.6.4
Platform: x86_64-Win64

I have a time field on opening a new record and a time field on first save.

1) It is unclear where and how to put the interval calculation, if the second to last field is one that either jumps to save record or goes to the last field
2) In analysis, the two fields are read as floats and have the form 0.852616. It is not clear what this is. Assuming that it could be a fraction of the day (as in EpiData Entry 3.1), I multiply (end-start)*86400 but the result does not make sense, giving something like 22.98 up to 73.01. I doubt that I took that many seconds (should be more like in the order of 10 seconds per record)

 147 EntryClientOtherBug ReportLow GOTO in EntryClient not fully functional Closed
Task Description

EpiData Entry Client
Program Version: r475
Core version: r1124
FPC Version: 2.6.4
Platform: x86_64-Win64
XML Version: 3

GOTO: Goto Record CTRL+G seems to have no effect

 100 ManagerOtherFeature RequestLow Adding calculated leading characters in derived fields Closed
Task Description

EpiData Manager Ver 1.1.1

Say, we wish to construct a unique identifier of var01 and var02, where var01 is a year and var02 a 4-digit integer field with values from 1 to say 5000. The resulting identifier id should have the form yyyy-var02, specifically e.g. 2012-0021, the first component coming from var01, the second from var02 with leading zeros added as needed. It seems currently not possible in EpiData Manager 1.1.1 to add a variable number of leading zeros depending on the actual length of var02: a fixed number of leading zeros is possible but not something as was possible in the CHK file:

DEFINE var02Temp ____ GLOBAL



IF var02<1000 THEN
IF var02<100 THEN
IF var02<10 THEN

 84 ManagerDrag & DropBug ReportLow moving fields creates access violation Closed
1 Task Description

EpiData Manager
Program Version: 0.8.1 r301:302M
Core version: 0.7 r429:430
FPC Version: 2.4.2
Platform: i386-Win32


we aadded four fields. then moved the second one from the top to the right. moved the first one a bit down and upon moving the second to a new position "access violation"

Unfortunately we cannot reproduce the error consistently - could once but not the second time

51AnalysisParserBug ReportLowDOS command "!"Assigned
Task Description


Helpfile says for the command "!":

dos textexecute any valid MS-DOS command and return to EpiData- dos command will open an MS-DOS window/open : Keep window open after execution
!works only on XP+ Pc's

I interpret this as working with XP or higher, but if it works in some XP versions (perhaps), it does not do so in all: I know of two colleagues in whom the command to open a batch file that directs to open a REC file (in EpiData Entry) opens the REC file in the default text editor.

Vista and Windows 7 no problem, it works perfectly.

Any chance to get this command "!" to work on XP machines? It is a marvelously powerful command. Or is there a workaround? The reason for its usefulness comes with using EpiData Analysis for a menu report, and allowing (or rather directing) people to enter data into a predetermined file only, and then in the same menu allow analysis by button pressing - the whole package including software can be given to people who need to know nothing.

Example is on | EpiData | Part D, Exercise 4 solution

 46 Core LibraryData containerBug ReportLow Modified date Closed
Task Description

DataManager: epidatamanager.

In the epx file there is a Create date /time
The modified date /time is identical to the create date /time
Adding a modification (like adding a new variable) on another date /time does not change the modified date /time

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