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179ManagerFunctionalityFeature RequestLowContent of a Textfield in PicklistAssigned
Task Description

In a Trial we have to compile used substances for Drug-consumption.
Therefore a textfield is appointed. In Statistics we need a categorized numeric field with collected Text as Labels.
(In Stata-> encode , in SPSS-> autorecode)
But incorrect input (for example different shifted input, some uses abbreviations othes not ect.) creates more categories then needed.

Feature Request:
It would be nice, to have an "advanced Textfield" . You enter an item, which is choosable for coming enters, like a dropdownfield or a picklist.
This field should be exportet as an Integer with Labels.

182Core LibraryOtherBug ReportLowOpenfile dialog does not respect initial directory on M...Assigned
Task Description

This is a known bug in the Carbon Framework as best I can tell. I was supposed to be fixed 2 or 3 years ago, but seems to still be there.

I think we just need to watch for some resolution, but I don't think Carbon is being updated.

We should have something in release notes like:

In MacOS, the File Open dialog box may not always show files in your working data directory. This is a bug in the underlying framework that has been used to support creation of EpiData for Windows, MacOS and Linux, so we cannot change this behaviour. Mac users can create a shortcut to the data directory in the Finder Sidebar. The Sidebar will appear when you use File, Open or type read; at the command prompt.

185General principlesBackend / CoreBug ReportLowIMPORTANT issue - flyspray must use secure password New
Task Description

Currently flyspray is using non-encrypted communication of passwords - must be changed.

This is at login .

187AnalysisGraphFeature RequestLowengine for updated analysis Assigned
Task Description

Create "engine for graphs" - much like the aggregate/table system. That is a common class for all graphs which may then be inherited by as well SPC as standard graphs, unless SPC need their own class.

Total functionality of graphs defined as in EpiData Classic Analysis

193AnalysisParserBug ReportLowincorrect export of missing value to Stata (date var)Assigned
Task Description

export to stata




will be exported to Stata 14:

sdato adato atime

2.15e+09 25jun2017 12:12:00

2.15e+09 20dec2017 10:38:00

date is exported as 2.15e+09, not as the Stata "." value

194AnalysisParserFeature RequestLowNaming of merged datasetsWaiting on Feedback
Task Description

merged datasets get difficult names:

merge !ds:=ds5;

list ds _m*;

// example _merge_ds1_ds5_1 _merge_ds1_ds5_2 etc

Simplify "_merge_" to: "m-"

Label of the merged dataset is now the same as the first(use) dataset.

- change to: "("+"label of first"+"+"(" + "label of second ds"+")"

211AnalysisEditorBug ReportLowrun command fails if executed from the editorAssigned
Task Description
Get index out of bounds error when run command is executed from the editor
Nested run commands work fine from the run command
I found this when testing an approach to implementing the exit command to break out of a .pgm (which works fine)
212AnalysisParserBug ReportLowreading a project with variable name the same as an exi...Assigned
Task Description
Try this:
.new g y f := 1.1;
(1 real change)
.read "global_data/nist/univariate/pidigits.rec";
Loaded file: /Users/jamie/Data/global_data/nist/univariate/pidigits.rec
Cycle: 0 Datasets: 1 Modified: 10/23/19 03:00:17 PM
.list v;
Name Type Length Decimal Label Valuelabels Missing
Y Integer 3 0
.list g;
Name Type Datatype Value
y const Float 1.1
.freq y;
ERROR: Identifier "y" is not the correct category!
Expected: variable
Got: global
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