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138ManagerDrag & DropFeature RequestLowSave & Exit Dataform flow option missingAssigned
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Epidata manager and entry 2.0

The option when defining a value to save and exit data form is no longer supperted in version 2.0
the option I would like is:
-> End Dataform flow, stop relate sequence go to current top level.
Meaning "write record and make a break in data flow".


148ManagerDrag & DropBug ReportLowTime field in EpiData ManagerWaiting on Feedback
Task Description

EpiData Manager
Program Version: r1115
Core version: r1126
FPC Version: 2.6.4
Platform: x86_64-Win64

I have a time field on opening a new record and a time field on first save.

1) It is unclear where and how to put the interval calculation, if the second to last field is one that either jumps to save record or goes to the last field
2) In analysis, the two fields are read as floats and have the form 0.852616. It is not clear what this is. Assuming that it could be a fraction of the day (as in EpiData Entry 3.1), I multiply (end-start)*86400 but the result does not make sense, giving something like 22.98 up to 73.01. I doubt that I took that many seconds (should be more like in the order of 10 seconds per record)

158ManagerFunctionalityFeature RequestLowjump based on value on other dataformAssigned
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Currently jumps can only be defined based on fields on current dataform

Sometimes the field to reference is on another dataform.

Jumps should therefore be possible such as:

dataform1 fields v1 v2 v3
dataform2 fields v17 v19 v21

From field dataform1.v2 we wish to jump to dataform2.v21 if dataform1.v2 is = 1
From field dataform1.v2 we wish to jump to dataform2.v17 if dataform1.v2 is <> 1

160ManagerOtherBug ReportLowManager/EntryClient preference fonts sometimes impose b...Assigned
Task Description

EpiData Manager: (2015/10/16 - 14:44:50)
Program Version: r1213
Core version: r1206
FPC Version: 2.6.4
Platform: i386-Darwin
(same behaviour with EntryClient)

For some fonts (e.g. Menlo on my MacBook - el Capitan OS), Manager imposes bold/italic even though I request regular. I wonder if there is something different about the new fonts (Menlo) in el Capitan.

I cannot find where the font preferences are stored (not in

165Manager"Document"Feature RequestLowGCP Report on specific recordAssigned
Task Description

We need a report which can print the content of a single parent record and ALL records in child datasets related to the parent record.

179ManagerFunctionalityFeature RequestLowContent of a Textfield in PicklistAssigned
Task Description

In a Trial we have to compile used substances for Drug-consumption.
Therefore a textfield is appointed. In Statistics we need a categorized numeric field with collected Text as Labels.
(In Stata-> encode , in SPSS-> autorecode)
But incorrect input (for example different shifted input, some uses abbreviations othes not ect.) creates more categories then needed.

Feature Request:
It would be nice, to have an "advanced Textfield" . You enter an item, which is choosable for coming enters, like a dropdownfield or a picklist.
This field should be exportet as an Integer with Labels.

98ManagerOtherBug ReportVery LowThe license link of the installation process doesn't wo...Assigned
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In the process of installing EpiData Manager or EpiData Entry, I can't find the web link of

I'm using GNU/Linux (Ubuntu) and I suppose that this problem appears in any Operating System.


57Test ProjectBackend / CoreBug ReportLowtesting notificationsResearching
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