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182OtherBug ReportLowOpenfile dialog does not respect initial directory on M...Assigned
Task Description

This is a known bug in the Carbon Framework as best I can tell. I was supposed to be fixed 2 or 3 years ago, but seems to still be there.

I think we just need to watch for some resolution, but I don't think Carbon is being updated.

We should have something in release notes like:

In MacOS, the File Open dialog box may not always show files in your working data directory. This is a bug in the underlying framework that has been used to support creation of EpiData for Windows, MacOS and Linux, so we cannot change this behaviour. Mac users can create a shortcut to the data directory in the Finder Sidebar. The Sidebar will appear when you use File, Open or type read; at the command prompt.

126UtilitiesFeature RequestLowNew Feature: Append reportAssigned
Task Description

Create a repport with details on what was done during append.

This report should include possibility to append multiple projects AND multiple datafiles in one go.

34Import/ExportFeature RequestLowRewrite DBF import/export routines.Assigned
Task Description

Use the already provided fpc routines for writing DBF files instead of own constructed routines.

27Import/ExportBug ReportLowODS export invalid with ; or , in a text fieldUnconfirmed
2 Task Description

I managed to isolate the group of records that caused the problem with export to ODS. Files are attached.

Export seems to go OK, but I get "Error 0" when reading t9.ods with the Sun plugin for Excel. Coretest gives me the error "Whitespace not allowed"

Import of ODS does not work for me.

25Import/ExportBug ReportLowImporting spreadsheets.Assigned
Task Description

Importing spreadsheets using fpSpreadSheet should be implemented.

23Data containerBug ReportLowProgress handlingAssigned
Task Description

At the moment there is no handling of progress event. This should be implemented.

22OtherBug ReportLowTranslationAssigned
Task Description

The entire core project requires translation.

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