EpiData Entry Client is the new program for data entry, with support for multiple platforms and operating systems.

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213EntryClientOtherBug ReportMediumfield types are not passed properly to the search form ...Assigned
Task Description

In all versions
Use case:
On new record, enter a text value to match and press f

In creating the comboBox for match criteria, all field types are seen as integer
this means that the search form is created with empty match criteria for text fields
since = is not an option
Find or List fails with Index out of range, since the match criteria is not valid
Because using a new record is the quickest way to set up a search, the user must remove all string criteria and reenter them.

I sketched out a way to trap this in a commit to trunk, but it does not set the proper match criteria

173EntryClientOtherBug ReportMediumFocus transferred to the next field before the field is...Assigned
Task Description

Identified in version and below

I have a field defined with only one digit in the "decimal" part and three digit in the "length" part.

In the epidata entry client, when the user enter "123," a zero is automatically added when "," is entered and the focus is transferred to the next field.

This only occurs when the total number of characters entered by the user is equal to "length"+"decimal" and only for fields with one decimal.

If the user enter "1,2" it's ok.
It's quite disturbing for our users.

170EntryClientOtherBug ReportLowBrowse, Find throws index out of bounds (-1) errorWaiting on Feedback
Task Description

v4.0.2.49 (Copy version puts nothing in the clipboard)
This is reproducible and occurred with earlier builds.
Invoke the error: open a project and click Browse data, Find on an empty form
Click OK and the Find window opens with the current field, blank match type, blank match

Invoke the error: open a project, enter one field, cursor in that field; click Browse data, Find
Click OK and the Find window opens with the current field, blank match type, data entered in the field

open project, enter data to match, click Browse data, List records
This only seems to work when nothing else has been done, so I have to close the project and reopen to do another find this way

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