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3AnalysisParserFeature RequestLowGeneralize principle for /W (weight) optionNew
Task Description

We need a general document about where we use the /W option and how a new command should be implemented with this option.

8AnalysisOtherBug ReportLowImport from Excel ClipboardUnconfirmed
Task Description

Analysis v 2.2 (build 169 and earlier)

read /cb failed with import of a single column or if there were any missing values in the last numeric column imported
Workaround: create a new column in Excel that had no missing values or include . for missing values

Reads OK:
test note n2
0.025974026 1 a
0.019933555 1 b
0.013333333 1 c
0.049382716 1 d
0.034059946 1

reads OK:
test note n2
0.025974026 1 a
0.019933555 1 b
0.013333333 1 c
0.049382716 1 d
0.034059946 e

does not read:
test note n2
0.025974026 1 a
0.019933555 1 b
0.013333333 1 c
0.049382716 1 d

error message:
Separators: (tab: 10)(semicolon: 0)(comma: 0)(space: 0) Lines: 6
Cannot define number of variables

13AnalysisGraphBug ReportLowGraph dialog tweaks.New
Task Description

a: Implement Masks on Breaks edit and Freeze edit.
b: Add labels for Title, subtitle etc. on the "Titles" page.

14AnalysisGraphBug ReportMediumDummyform errorResearching
Task Description

There has been a few comments on a "Dummyform already exists" error when running graph command.

This is not yet confirmed.

15AnalysisEditorBug ReportLowEditor updateAssigned
Task Description

A completely new editor is needed. The current is buggy and requires to much rewriting to maintain at a reasonable level.

This is expected to be implemented after the new core principle has been implemented.

16AnalysisDialogsBug ReportLowSearch dialogAssigned
Task Description

The search and find dialog is buggy and requires a rewrite.

This is scheduled to happen after the new core principle has been implemented.

26AnalysisGraphBug ReportMediumb170: Legend option for the boxplot gives wrong text in...Unconfirmed
Task Description


Using sked.rec:

BOXPLOT age /BY=SEX /legend

gives Age next to both colours in the legend box. I might have thought it should have showed Male Female against the respective colours?

37AnalysisGraphBug ReportMediumI Chart: Missing positive test in output tableAssigned
Task Description

With these data and this command the output table does not mark test 5 as positive. Tests 4 and 5 should both be positive. The graph looks correct to me.

### command line and data table ###
ichart reghn uge /t4 /t5 /sl

Uge RegHN
2009-15 185
2009-16 272
2009-17 310
2009-18 241
2009-19 197
2009-20 277
2009-21 282
2009-22 316
2009-23 237
2009-24 302
2009-25 277
2009-26 267
2009-27 240
2009-28 261
2009-29 228
2009-30 167
2009-31 183
2009-32 181
2009-33 204
2009-34 215
2009-35 249
2009-36 291
2009-37 332
2009-38 303
2009-39 305
2009-40 292

38AnalysisParserBug ReportLowstattables freeze with variables with alike namesAssigned
1 Task Description

Strange problem. When I run this command on the attached data set everything runs fine: "stab komplians tjekind tjekud timeout /stat="sum" /by="yearweek" /n".

However, running this command freezes EpiData: "stab tjekind1 tjekind2 /stat="sum" /by="yearweek" /n" EpiData apparently goes into some kind of infinite loop using up all the cpu power. I can force the program to close by clicking the cross in the window corner.

The problem appears whenenver there are variables with almost similar names, e.g. tjekud1 tjekud2, etc.

40AnalysisStatisticsBug ReportLowProblem with FREQ * /MAssigned
Task Description

The use of freq * /m instead of freq * /M troncate the display of results-> the result list is cut.

51AnalysisParserBug ReportLowDOS command "!"Assigned
Task Description


Helpfile says for the command "!":

dos textexecute any valid MS-DOS command and return to EpiData- dos command will open an MS-DOS window/open : Keep window open after execution
!works only on XP+ Pc's

I interpret this as working with XP or higher, but if it works in some XP versions (perhaps), it does not do so in all: I know of two colleagues in whom the command to open a batch file that directs to open a REC file (in EpiData Entry) opens the REC file in the default text editor.

Vista and Windows 7 no problem, it works perfectly.

Any chance to get this command "!" to work on XP machines? It is a marvelously powerful command. Or is there a workaround? The reason for its usefulness comes with using EpiData Analysis for a menu report, and allowing (or rather directing) people to enter data into a predetermined file only, and then in the same menu allow analysis by button pressing - the whole package including software can be given to people who need to know nothing.

Example is on | EpiData | Part D, Exercise 4 solution

80AnalysisDialogsBug ReportLowgraph creating GUI does not list booleans as "by"-varia...Assigned
Task Description

I noticed that the GUI which allows you to create histograms (Graph -> Histogram) does not let you specify a boolean variable as "by" variable.


. read C:\EpiData\TestData\bromar.rec
. select dectime<>.
. gen b fast=(dectime<3.87)

it is possible to do the following:

. his age /by=fast

but the GUI form does not list "fast" as a "by" variable.

86AnalysisStatisticsBug ReportMediumb175: /oex option not working in conjunction with /ctAssigned
Task Description

Using sked.rec:

read sked.rec
missingvalue turkey /8
missingvalue chicken /8
tables status beef turkey chicken /ct /oex /t /sa

yields the MLE ORs all equal to 0.00 and CIs 0.00-0.00

96AnalysisParserFeature RequestLowCopy sigle line from history to editorAssigned
Task Description

Det ville være dejligt hvis man kunne kopiere en enkelt linje fra sin historik til pgm filen.
Mvh Anna

101AnalysisStatisticsBug ReportLowb178: Unable to display odds ratios in a compact table ...Assigned
Task Description

using sked.rec:

missingvalue chicken /8
missingvalue turkey /8
* Expected to get odds ratios in the following command (has the output from ct changed from * previous builds? - if so, not listed as a change):
tables status sex beef chicken turkey /sa /ct /t
* Need to specify o option:
tables status sex beef chicken turkey /sa /ct /t /o
* But odds ratios disappear if add /ex (with or without t option):
tables status sex beef chicken turkey /sa /ct /t /o /ex

122AnalysisStatisticsBug ReportHighsignificance tests for an adjusted odds ratio (options ...Assigned
3 Task Description


logopen "H:\Teaching Courses\Outbreak Course\bugTN_06122013\bugTN_06122013.htm" /close /replace

cd "H:\Teaching Courses\Outbreak Course\bugTN_06122013"
read "H:\Teaching Courses\Outbreak Course\bugTN_06122013\wedd" /close

set random simulations=10000

* EpiData Analysis
* tables ill redsauce gheerchick /o /nt /nc /ex /t /obs
* Using OR = 1.08 [95% CI 0.22 to 5.66]; p(M-H)=0.916; p(exact)=0.0414

* EpiData Analysis
tables ill redsauce gheerchick /o /nt /nc /ex /t /obs /oex
* Using OR(Exact) = 1.08 [95% CI 0.22 to 5.66]; p(M-H)=0.046; p(exact)=0.0414
* Using OR = 1.07 [95% CI 0.11 to 10.06]

* Epi Info for DOS v6.04d
* tables redsauce ill gheerchick
* Using Epi Info for DOS v6.04d: OR (MLE) = 1.08 [95% CI 0.22 to 5.66]; p(M-H uncorrected)=0.91644269; p(M-H corrected)=0.81105112

* Stata/SE 12.1 for Windows (32 bit) Revision 20 Mar 2013
* logit ill redsauce gheerchick
* P-value for coefficient of redsauce = 0.916

* The estimate is close to 1 and the confidence interval is wide, so a test for the adjusted OR being significantly different to 1 should have a p-value close to 1
* Both Epi Info for DOS and Stata give a p-value of 0.916
* So I have a lot of confidence in this being the correct p-value.

* EpiData Analysis (build 171)
* The chi-squared test statistic and the p-value for a M-H weighted odds ratio using the option /t is 0.01 and 0.916
* This p-value using the option /t appears to be correct.
* The p-value using the option /ex appears to be incorrect.
* The chi-squared test statistic and the p-value using the option /ex is 6.147 and 0.0414.
* If the test statistic is correct a comparison to a chi-squared distribution of 1 degree of freedom should give a p-value equal to 0.0132?
* Possibly the correct p-value should be calculated as 1-2*(0.0414) = 0.917?

* EpiData Analysis (build 182)
* The chi-squared test statistic and the p-value for a M-H weighted odds ratio using the option /t is 6.15 and 0.046
* This p-value using the option /t appears to be incorrect.
* The p-value using the option /ex appears to be incorrect.
* The chi-squared test statistic and p-value using the option /ex is 6.147 and 0.0414.
* If the test statistic is correct a comparison to a chi-squared distribution of 1 degree of freedom should give a p-value equal to 0.0132?
* Possibly the correct p-value should be calculated as 1-2*(0.0414) = 0.917?


187AnalysisGraphFeature RequestLowengine for updated analysis Assigned
Task Description

Create "engine for graphs" - much like the aggregate/table system. That is a common class for all graphs which may then be inherited by as well SPC as standard graphs, unless SPC need their own class.

Total functionality of graphs defined as in EpiData Classic Analysis

188AnalysisParserBug ReportHighappend not working with !forceAssigned
Task Description

.Append !fn:="Lykke.epx" ;
ERROR: This file is locked by another program!
You can force a read/save by using the option !force

.Append !fn:="Lykke.epx" !force ;
ERROR: Unknown option/variable: force

190AnalysisParserBug ReportHighValue label: Incorrect handling of in-existing values i...Assigned
Task Description

Two aspects of modifications of value labels are not handled in a user oriented manner.

1 change to "not found": // value label should be forgiving if deleting a value is not found, just like "drop v " .

for S in ["alvorliglbl", "fvgl","janej","henvislbl","koenlbl","plbl"] do

edit vl @{s} !d:=1410065407;

ERROR: Cannot delete - value does not exist!

2 change to "Cannot Assign Missing to undefined Value in: xxxx (here alderlbl)"

// Assigning missing to an undefined value is not handled correctly

edit vl alderlbl !m:=9;

ERROR: Unhandled error during execution:

Access violation

Please contact EpiData ( and include a copy of history and if possible example data!

193AnalysisParserBug ReportLowincorrect export of missing value to Stata (date var)Assigned
Task Description

export to stata




will be exported to Stata 14:

sdato adato atime

2.15e+09 25jun2017 12:12:00

2.15e+09 20dec2017 10:38:00

date is exported as 2.15e+09, not as the Stata "." value

194AnalysisParserFeature RequestLowNaming of merged datasetsWaiting on Feedback
Task Description

merged datasets get difficult names:

merge !ds:=ds5;

list ds _m*;

// example _merge_ds1_ds5_1 _merge_ds1_ds5_2 etc

Simplify "_merge_" to: "m-"

Label of the merged dataset is now the same as the first(use) dataset.

- change to: "("+"label of first"+"+"(" + "label of second ds"+")"

210AnalysisParserFeature RequestHighchanged output on "clear output window"Assigned
Task Description
When we have a testversion, this information should be shown:
WARNING - Testversion. Confirm results with Public release!
EpiData Analysis: (2019/05/22 - 22:53:27)
Program Version: [TRUNK] r617
Core version: r1000
FPC Version: 3.0.4
Platform: x86_64-Linux
In public release versions (that is when the "testversion line is NOT shown":
this strategy should be implemented:
On startup (first run of the exe): Show version information:
EpiData Analysis: (2019/05/22 - 22:53:27)
Program Version: [TRUNK] r617
Core version: r1000
FPC Version: 3.0.4
Platform: x86_64-Linux

On issuing "cls" (e.g. via F12):
Show nothing (since it is annoying for the user, who already knows from startup, which version)
211AnalysisEditorBug ReportLowrun command fails if executed from the editorAssigned
Task Description
Get index out of bounds error when run command is executed from the editor
Nested run commands work fine from the run command
I found this when testing an approach to implementing the exit command to break out of a .pgm (which works fine)
212AnalysisParserBug ReportLowreading a project with variable name the same as an exi...Assigned
Task Description
Try this:
.new g y f := 1.1;
(1 real change)
.read "global_data/nist/univariate/pidigits.rec";
Loaded file: /Users/jamie/Data/global_data/nist/univariate/pidigits.rec
Cycle: 0 Datasets: 1 Modified: 10/23/19 03:00:17 PM
.list v;
Name Type Length Decimal Label Valuelabels Missing
Y Integer 3 0
.list g;
Name Type Datatype Value
y const Float 1.1
.freq y;
ERROR: Identifier "y" is not the correct category!
Expected: variable
Got: global
22Core LibraryOtherBug ReportLowTranslationAssigned
Task Description

The entire core project requires translation.

23Core LibraryData containerBug ReportLowProgress handlingAssigned
Task Description

At the moment there is no handling of progress event. This should be implemented.

27Core LibraryImport/ExportBug ReportLowODS export invalid with ; or , in a text fieldUnconfirmed
2 Task Description

I managed to isolate the group of records that caused the problem with export to ODS. Files are attached.

Export seems to go OK, but I get "Error 0" when reading t9.ods with the Sun plugin for Excel. Coretest gives me the error "Whitespace not allowed"

Import of ODS does not work for me.

34Core LibraryImport/ExportFeature RequestLowRewrite DBF import/export routines.Assigned
Task Description

Use the already provided fpc routines for writing DBF files instead of own constructed routines.

126Core LibraryUtilitiesFeature RequestLowNew Feature: Append reportAssigned
Task Description

Create a repport with details on what was done during append.

This report should include possibility to append multiple projects AND multiple datafiles in one go.

182Core LibraryOtherBug ReportLowOpenfile dialog does not respect initial directory on M...Assigned
Task Description

This is a known bug in the Carbon Framework as best I can tell. I was supposed to be fixed 2 or 3 years ago, but seems to still be there.

I think we just need to watch for some resolution, but I don't think Carbon is being updated.

We should have something in release notes like:

In MacOS, the File Open dialog box may not always show files in your working data directory. This is a bug in the underlying framework that has been used to support creation of EpiData for Windows, MacOS and Linux, so we cannot change this behaviour. Mac users can create a shortcut to the data directory in the Finder Sidebar. The Sidebar will appear when you use File, Open or type read; at the command prompt.

170EntryClientOtherBug ReportLowBrowse, Find throws index out of bounds (-1) errorWaiting on Feedback
Task Description

v4.0.2.49 (Copy version puts nothing in the clipboard)
This is reproducible and occurred with earlier builds.
Invoke the error: open a project and click Browse data, Find on an empty form
Click OK and the Find window opens with the current field, blank match type, blank match

Invoke the error: open a project, enter one field, cursor in that field; click Browse data, Find
Click OK and the Find window opens with the current field, blank match type, data entered in the field

open project, enter data to match, click Browse data, List records
This only seems to work when nothing else has been done, so I have to close the project and reopen to do another find this way

173EntryClientOtherBug ReportMediumFocus transferred to the next field before the field is...Assigned
Task Description

Identified in version and below

I have a field defined with only one digit in the "decimal" part and three digit in the "length" part.

In the epidata entry client, when the user enter "123," a zero is automatically added when "," is entered and the focus is transferred to the next field.

This only occurs when the total number of characters entered by the user is equal to "length"+"decimal" and only for fields with one decimal.

If the user enter "1,2" it's ok.
It's quite disturbing for our users.

213EntryClientOtherBug ReportMediumfield types are not passed properly to the search form ...Assigned
Task Description

In all versions
Use case:
On new record, enter a text value to match and press f

In creating the comboBox for match criteria, all field types are seen as integer
this means that the search form is created with empty match criteria for text fields
since = is not an option
Find or List fails with Index out of range, since the match criteria is not valid
Because using a new record is the quickest way to set up a search, the user must remove all string criteria and reenter them.

I sketched out a way to trap this in a commit to trunk, but it does not set the proper match criteria

102General principlesBackend / CoreFeature RequestLowEncryption at two levelsNew
Task Description

For ECRIN datasets ( and all GCP principles the entity of "Freeze database" is a key aspect.

In the ECRIN standard:
Apr 2012 DM07.06 R/O Retention of Analysis Data: The data provided for analysis is retained within a read only regime, and is available as a reference data set for any future re-analysis or audit.

Therefore we should have encryption at two levels:
1. Editing and addition to data
2. Read only encryption - allowing reading, but not altering data

185General principlesBackend / CoreBug ReportLowIMPORTANT issue - flyspray must use secure password New
Task Description

Currently flyspray is using non-encrypted communication of passwords - must be changed.

This is at login .

82ManagerDrag & DropFeature RequestLowImport file structureAssigned
Task Description

When importing file structure from and .epx file, there could be an option to ignore the field position elements of the .epx XML structure. I suppose that normally these would start at the top of the page. When I broke up an .epx file using a text editor, the different sections start part way down the screen and leave blank space when imported.

Not a big deal for now.

98ManagerOtherBug ReportVery LowThe license link of the installation process doesn't wo...Assigned
1 Task Description


In the process of installing EpiData Manager or EpiData Entry, I can't find the web link of

I'm using GNU/Linux (Ubuntu) and I suppose that this problem appears in any Operating System.


105ManagerOtherBug ReportMediumLinux install (Xubuntu - Xfce) - wrong menu subgroup fo...Assigned
Task Description

Linux install of manager:

Menu group created with link to Manager is : Other
Not "EpiData" as expected.

(EntryClient correctly installed in "EpiData")

Linux: Xubuntu 11.04, 32 bit - XFCE desktop

111ManagerOtherFeature RequestLowWrap long headingsAssigned
Task Description

It would be nice to be able to wrap the text in long headings. The heading box has handles that suggest we can reshape the box, but it is constrained to one line. It will be useful to have extended explanatory text for a field that the user can read or refer to on screen.

Also, to facilitate entering long text, it would be VERY useful to allow the user to paste text from the clipboard. Since <ctrl>v or <command>v have another meaning in the field properties dialogue, this could be added to the edit menu (e.g. Paste text)

I think we can use Notes to deal with this, but it is awkward to have to read the explanation in another window. I'll play with window placement to see if this can work OK. Showing notes as a hint does not leave the text on screen long enough.

114ManagerPasteFeature RequestLowAdd Ctrl/Command+C/V to field propertiesAssigned
Task Description

It is currently NOT possible to paste content into a fields question or a headings text.

This request is to provide CTRL+V/CTRL+C (Command on MAC) to these edits.

120ManagerDrag & DropBug ReportLowDragging outside right/bottom borders does not work on ...Assigned
Task Description

It is not possible to drag/drop controls outside the right and bottom border on a MAC, this is possible on both Windows and Linux.

125ManagerOtherFeature RequestMediumCheck data entered in "Recode Data" form.Assigned
Task Description

The value entered when recoding data using the "Recode Data" form is not validated in any way.

This may lead to undesired result and non-validated data.

127Manager"Tools"Feature RequestLowNew Feature: Append multiple projectsAssigned
Task Description

Add functionality to append multiple projects in one go!

128ManagerFunctionalityFeature RequestLowNew option - as a result of jumpsAssigned
Task Description

Define new jump option:

(Save Record and Quit)

1 Save current record
2 Save current projectfile to disk without confirmation of doing the save
3 Quit EntryClient

129ManagerFunctionalityFeature RequestMediumJump from date fieldsConfirmed
Task Description

Currently jumps cannot be defined from Date variables. Sometimes this is relevant.

Add this jump to dates:

Two options for development:
Quick one limited:
* is allowed, that is "after any value"

Jump to: all currently defined options.

138ManagerDrag & DropFeature RequestLowSave & Exit Dataform flow option missingAssigned
1 Task Description

Epidata manager and entry 2.0

The option when defining a value to save and exit data form is no longer supperted in version 2.0
the option I would like is:
-> End Dataform flow, stop relate sequence go to current top level.
Meaning "write record and make a break in data flow".


148ManagerDrag & DropBug ReportLowTime field in EpiData ManagerWaiting on Feedback
Task Description

EpiData Manager
Program Version: r1115
Core version: r1126
FPC Version: 2.6.4
Platform: x86_64-Win64

I have a time field on opening a new record and a time field on first save.

1) It is unclear where and how to put the interval calculation, if the second to last field is one that either jumps to save record or goes to the last field
2) In analysis, the two fields are read as floats and have the form 0.852616. It is not clear what this is. Assuming that it could be a fraction of the day (as in EpiData Entry 3.1), I multiply (end-start)*86400 but the result does not make sense, giving something like 22.98 up to 73.01. I doubt that I took that many seconds (should be more like in the order of 10 seconds per record)

158ManagerFunctionalityFeature RequestLowjump based on value on other dataformAssigned
1 Task Description

Currently jumps can only be defined based on fields on current dataform

Sometimes the field to reference is on another dataform.

Jumps should therefore be possible such as:

dataform1 fields v1 v2 v3
dataform2 fields v17 v19 v21

From field dataform1.v2 we wish to jump to dataform2.v21 if dataform1.v2 is = 1
From field dataform1.v2 we wish to jump to dataform2.v17 if dataform1.v2 is <> 1

160ManagerOtherBug ReportLowManager/EntryClient preference fonts sometimes impose b...Assigned
Task Description

EpiData Manager: (2015/10/16 - 14:44:50)
Program Version: r1213
Core version: r1206
FPC Version: 2.6.4
Platform: i386-Darwin
(same behaviour with EntryClient)

For some fonts (e.g. Menlo on my MacBook - el Capitan OS), Manager imposes bold/italic even though I request regular. I wonder if there is something different about the new fonts (Menlo) in el Capitan.

I cannot find where the font preferences are stored (not in

165Manager"Document"Feature RequestLowGCP Report on specific recordAssigned
Task Description

We need a report which can print the content of a single parent record and ALL records in child datasets related to the parent record.

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