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This project is for discussion of general principles or additions not specifically pertaining to one of Manager, Entryclient, Analysis

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201General principlesBackend / CoreBug ReportHighFlyspray setupWaiting on Feedback
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Flyspray setup is missing the rich text editor toolbar in new tasks.

<br /> see:

185General principlesBackend / CoreBug ReportLowIMPORTANT issue - flyspray must use secure password New
Task Description

Currently flyspray is using non-encrypted communication of passwords - must be changed.

This is at login .

102General principlesBackend / CoreFeature RequestLowEncryption at two levelsNew
Task Description

For ECRIN datasets ( and all GCP principles the entity of "Freeze database" is a key aspect.

In the ECRIN standard:
Apr 2012 DM07.06 R/O Retention of Analysis Data: The data provided for analysis is retained within a read only regime, and is available as a reference data set for any future re-analysis or audit.

Therefore we should have encryption at two levels:
1. Editing and addition to data
2. Read only encryption - allowing reading, but not altering data

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